Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Community Gardening

Community Gardening is all the rage everywhere in the country - and a good thing, too!

Last night, I visited the Lanier Community Gardens in Buford, and attended a presentation by Patty Golden, about fall vegetables -- lessons I intend to apply to my own garden, starting in just a few weeks. Lesson # 1: it's currently too hot and too dry to seed beans, peas, cauliflower and other vegetables directly into the garden; better to start them in pots/trays in a shaded area and transplant them into the garden when the temperature cools a bit and we've had some rain again.

The photograph is a collage of about a dozen pictures I took last night of the many 20x20 plots that comprise the garden, where vegetables and flowers happily grow together. Lanier, Patty told us, is the first community garden established on Gwinnett County property. Much in the news lately have been plans of the City of Suwanee to start a community garden. A representative from that community was in last night's audience; she told me they have received 88 applications for plots -- a clear indication of the popularity of community gardening.

Kudos to all who participate!

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