Friday, July 10, 2009

Black Widow

Do you have Black Widow spiders in your garden? I do, and have had for years. They live their lives and I live mine and I hope "the twain shall never meet" . . .

This one spun a web between a dish garden and two containers on my patio, all of which have overhanging edges; I think she spends most of her time under the 'lip' of the dish garden. She startled me, the first morning I saw her, but since then I have to tease her a bit from time to time. Early in the morning, when I am outside to size up my garden (wondering what the rabbits and the snails have attacked the previous night), I sprinkle a drop of water on her web and she comes out, thinking (that is, if spiders "think" . . .), I suppose, that a prey has shown up. The other morning, I was quick enough to take her picture before, disappointed, she went into hiding again.

Judging by the carcases on the pavement, she is not missing many meals.

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Lya Sorano said...

Wow, a now-famous spider! This photograph won 2nd prize in the Gwinnett County Master Gardener photography contest,in the "wildlife" category, announced just last night.