Saturday, January 23, 2010

'Proven Winners'

How lucky I was today, at the conclusion of the Winter Conference of Georgia Master Gardeners, to win one of the table centerpieces! It's a huge bowl, topped with a bi-color ribbon, of the sweet alyssum hybrid 'Snow Princess' and the supertunia 'Royal Purple'. The growers named Proven Winners had made the plants available, volunteers had arranged them in enormous bowls at Smithgall Woods, and they adorned the tables at yesterday's reception and today's luncheon.

Proven Winners, for sure. It's a company that deserves attention, and thanks. More than the growers, though, the 'proven winners' of the conference are the Hall County Master Gardeners, who put an incredibly powerful and friendly conference together. Even the one speaker who had forgotten she had been invited to give a presentation and instead delivered a sales pitch did not mar the day. It was brilliant!

Walter Reeves - singer/lyricist? Who knew?

Kudos to Hall County Master Gardeners; you are without question 'proven winners' - ahead of the rest of us!


Karin / Southern Meadows said...

Yesterday's conference was my first as a HCMG Intern. I absolutely enjoyed it! I wish I would have meet you in person. Perhaps at our next monthly meeting?

Lya Sorano said...

Definitely, Karin - we will meet at some point. I'm a Gwinnett MG, but attend Hall events more than any others (not meetings, though :-)). Certainly see you in April at the Expo?

Meanwhile, welcome to the MG community - a great bunch of people - and look for my conference write-up in the next issue of The Scoop.