Sunday, January 31, 2010

Paris Evoked?

If you have an old bistro set on your patio (I do!), consider turning it into a group of planters for sedums and ajugas, as the owners of Evergreen Nursery of Statham, Georgia, did for their WinterGreen 2010 booth. A little difficult to see, but the tabletop included a bottle of wine, two glasses, purple napkins and a vase with a tulip. Nicely whimsical; a good attention-getter.

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Patricia Bowen said...

Well, we have plastic chairs of various sizes around our firepit here in the woods for adults and children. And whenever we have visitors around the fire we never know what will happen. Smores, ghosts walks, you never know.

As for Paris...... I'd love to be at a bistro there. Maybe soon, who knows?