Saturday, January 2, 2010

In Winter’s Grip

The old-timers at the farmers’ market had it right last summer, when they said this was going to be an unusually cold winter; it was 24F (-4C) when I got up this morning (“Feels like 15”, the weather report said). Not good.

The best thing about early January in Georgia is that late February is not far away. That’s when the first signs of life emerge in gardens and parks and along the highways and country roads. If the copious rains of the past several weeks have not rotted the bulbs, daffodils will be the first to pop out of the ground. I can hardly wait. In the meantime, I’ll just turn the thermostat up another notch and put on an extra pair of socks.

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Unknown said...

I'm doing my countdown: 76 days until spring. All that rain has turned our muddy woods into a crusty ground cover that is difficult to walk on, but I'm still walking my two miles a day.... well bundled up. I can do this. Grew up in the northeast.

It's a good time to sit by the fire and do garden planning.