Monday, January 25, 2010

For our Gardens - Must Haves

I am still recovering, in a very good sense, from the Winter Georgia Master Gardeners conference, and want to share some "must haves" with you, for our 2010 gardens. This (above) is an Asiatic Jasmine, called "Snow ' N Summer". Other shrubs that caught my attention were the Camelia 'Crimson Candles', the Camelia 'R.L. Wheeler' and the Loropetalum 'Ever Red'.
There are no Camelias in my garden (I didn't know anything about them when I started my garden and now that I do know a little, I have no space left!), but I do have a Loropetalum in my Western border, between my backyard and my neighbor Angela's, and it's a great shrub.
Those Asiatic Jasmines, meanwhile, are small, compact and very pretty; I might find a space for a few of them this year. :-)

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