Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Too Early?

This Christmas Cactus has been in bloom for more than a week already and I hope it will still be in bloom by Christmas! No complaints, though; this one was a spur-of-the-moment buy at the local grocery store early this year -- an 'investment' of 99 cents!
Now that winter is insistently knocking on our doors, indoor plants are taking on greater importance. The green umbrella-like image behind the Christmas Cactus is a Coleus Duckfoot 'Midnight' (green as a result of being indoors; it will turn brown when I take it outdoors next spring) and in the top right corner is a Coleus Sibila, grown from a cutting received at the UGA trial gardens last July. It has grown so much that I've already had to take the top out, root it and provide it with a container of its own.


Unknown said...

I call mine a 'Thanksgiving cactus' because it, too, blooms early. It also puts out an occasional one or two blooms throughout the year.

Lya Sorano said...

So do mine! The pink "sister" of this red one also burst into bloom last week.

Thank you for commenting!