Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Ornament?

The Alberta Spruce I bought earlier in the year, in the belief that my garden needed another conifer, never yet made it into the ground (perfect spot not yet determined . . .), although I did put it in a bigger pot. Last week-end, I decided to move it from the patio to the porch, next to the front door, and not an hour later this Ladybug came calling. I hope she stays, as chances are only 50/50 that any "true" Christmas ornaments will make it out of the boxes this year. Christmas spirit? Yes, sure! Decorating spirit - not so much!


Bay Area Tendrils said...

Lya is such a beautiful name!
Surely the lady bug will wish to remain with you ;~)

Lya Sorano said...

She was gone for a week, but I noticed she was back yesterday, the kind of day (rainy, gloomy, with gusting winds) from which I might have liked hiding out in an Alberta Spruce also!