Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Old Pecan Tree

Whether you say "peacahn" or "peecan", my guess is that it's all the same to this ole tree! The local arborist tells us that it could well be 200 years old and is generally thought to be the oldest pecan tree in Georgia.

Imagine . . . ., this was Cherokee country then. There were no cars, no highway, no shopping centers or sub-divisions. It withstood the Civil War and witnessed the transformation from agriculture to industry.

It has endured, even if it has not always been loved, and its signs of age are obvious. It lost a very large branch a few months ago; I thought I'd better take its picture now and hope to show it again, with its full canopy, next spring.


Unknown said...

Living in Cherokee County for 17 years, I've never seen a pecan tree anywhere near here. Can you share where this was taken?

And, BTW, as for pronunciation, it's an old southern joke that a pecan is something you keep under the bed at night. We in the south pronounce it pecahn.

Pat Bowen

Lya Sorano said...

Pat, that gave me a good laugh this morning ("something you keep under the bed at night").

You have driven by this tree quite a few times and you'll see it again on Saturday; it's "the big tree" in the circle at the entrance to my subdivision.

Jean Campbell said...

We have a pecan tree at least as large if not as old. It was here when the house was built more than 70 years ago. One of the most prolific trees around, never skipping alternate years the way many pecans do.

My MIL said pick' an, as does my husband, who was raised in south Georgia. I say puh cahn'.