Saturday, December 19, 2009

Plectranthus too!

Having enjoyed several varieties of Plectranthus in 2008, both in my garden and indoors, I was interested in looking for more this year. So, when Gwinnett Tech announced its spring plant sale and I saw "Plectranthus" on the list, I rushed over.

"This is a Plectranthus?", I asked when I saw this huge, gray, leggy thing. I was assured that it was and that I should take cuttings of it before the first frost in the fall and I would have lots more of them - to put outside again in 2010. Advice followed!
Today, indoors, it is greener than its parent was outdoors in the summer, and I don't know its variety, but possibly argentatus 'Silver Shield. In any case, it's beautiful and if I can keep only half the cutting alive till next spring, they will make a great addition to my garden.

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