Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coleus - Indoors

Before the frost was going to get them all, I brought a few annuals inside the other week (Alternanthera and Plectranthus as well as Coleus), even though I had so very little space for them . . . This one will have to be ditched before long, but in the meantime it has started blooming, and how does one throw something like this out?


Jean Campbell said...

If you have a place where they can sort of hang out for the winter -- I used a cool utility room where they wouldn't freeze -- coleus and alternanthera will last over the winter to be set out in spring. Coleus may get leggy and have to be pinched and restarted a time or two, but alternanthera just sits in water with a few changes of fresh water, all winter, making roots. It's how I have lots of plants for free, come spring.

Pinch the blooms off the coleus for better results.

Nell Jean -- Seed Scatterer

Lya Sorano said...

Great advice, Nell Jean; thank you.