Saturday, June 21, 2008

One of those "passalong" plants . . . .

Somewhere in one of my gardening books, the author mentions that a Rose-of-Sharon is "one of those passalong plants that some people believe has passed itself along a little too often". It is certainly true that older houses all over North Georgia have one or two - or many! - in their front yards. In newer developments, however, they are far less ubiquitous (perhaps because they are considered to be "old fashioned" - and who wants to be regarded as such?), but look at this flower - isn't it beautiful?

Of the two in my garden, this is by far the most stunning; I picked it up for $2 at a community garden sale and a srawny little thing without much promise it was. The other one, a glorious shrub when I first saw it and which cost me $18 at an area nursery, has turned out to be a poor specimen by comparison. If it produces any noteworthy blooms this summer, I'll post a photograph. Shows you that you can't judge a plant by its appearance when you first see it.
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