Sunday, June 8, 2008

Another Gorgeous Salvia

In addition to the Black & Blue, the Argentina Blue is also starting to bloom. After several days of 90+ degrees weather (and no rain), my garden is beginning to show some signs of stress, but the two Salvias I photographed this morning are doing well. The Lavender is doing well also, with most of them in bloom, and the Hydrangeas are looking better this year than last. The Pineapple Sage I had worried might not re-emerge this year is growing bigger by the day. No Daylilies in bloom yet; almost all of them have flower stalks popping up and a few blooms should open in the week ahead. The Shasta Daisies are still looking good, although this is clearly not an optimal environment for them, and the Sedums Autumn Joy are growing like weeds. Balancing the good (nice plants, for the most part doing well) and the bad (hot temperatures and lack of rain), my garden still comes out on the positive side, but I do hope it will rain soon.

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