Thursday, July 14, 2011

To my new “Where Bloggers Create” friends . . .

My “creative studio” is a small piece of exurban Atlanta soil – yes, that notorious red stuff! (although, I am “lucky” with more sand than clay; easier to work, but just as much compost needed) – where I started gardening by accident a few years ago.

This beautiful little Moss Rose is an example of things that spontaneously pop up in my garden. It first emerged as what looked like a stonecrop next to a new Baptisia and it would logically have been removed to preserve the Baptisia’s image, but I left it alone and have now been rewarded with this pretty bloom.

Today, I am sharing it with you; enjoy!

Not everything in my garden is growing by accident; quite a lot of it in this eclectic mix of trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals has actually been planned! More than a few plants have originated at the UGA trial gardens in Athens, and most of my herbs started with seeds from Renee’s Garden.

The Cuphea came from the UGA trial gardens (this year). I’ve had the Alternanthera ‘Gail’s Choice’ for four years already (taking cuttings every fall, rooting them indoors during the winter, and starting with a new crop the following spring) and the Coleus ‘Red Head’ (now in its third year in my garden; propagation ditto the Alternanthera).

Basil and tomatoes are ever-present in my summer garden; the mozzarella is kept in the fridge!

As a garden writer, I am sometimes offered the opportunity by growers to “trial” plants myself. This year, I have two grasses, a Coreopsis, a Rudbeckia and a Hen & Chicks from Santa Rosa Gardens. All are doing well, I’m happy to report, with the switch grass probably the star of the bunch. Who knew? Isn’t this the stuff that’s been touted as a renewable energy source? Seems to me it would take millions of acres of switch grass to produce not very much bio fuel. But, let me stick to my areas of expertise and leave the science to others . . . :-)

Switch grass, with Lamb's East and Mexican Petunia; grasses ought to be incorporated in many more landscapes.

It’s a delight to participate in this year’s “Where Bloggers Create” party; I look forward to checking out some of the blogs of the hundreds of others who are at this feast.


Kris said...

I love our Georgia clay even if it does present challenges for gardening. Your new blog format looks good.

~CC Catherine said...

Hi Lya! Love the POST! The pictures of the flowers/garden turned out fabulous! Enjoyed that rain today... :)

Rebecca Nelson said...

With everything in me I long to garden. I feel like I kill everything. Just can't get the hang of it.

I love your garden and your photos. Magical. Straight from God.

Love to you~


Lya Sorano said...

Thank you, Kris, Catherine and Rebecca, for your comments.

Jan E O said...

I have fox gloves coming up all over my garden even in planter boxes because I love the free flow of nature and can't stand to pull them up. Love your blog and thanks for sharing your garden.

Unknown said...

Love your spot. What a wonderful place to visit! *smiles* Norma

Jo said...

It's great to see so many different creative spaces in the party! You have such beautiful colours in your garden.

Anonymous said...

I love to garden but only have a Yard but you are using your Garden as a wonderful creative space

Anonymous said...

Your garden is BEAUTIFUL :D I am on the east coast as well, so I know what you mean about the clay and sand soil :P It is wonderful that you have such lovely flora and fauna growing :) Thank you for sharing! I'll definitely be adding you to my bloglovin list, I love gardens!


Cheryl said...

How pretty, I love yur garden. I love gardening too. I planted two big pots full of herbs, mint, rosemary, curry plants and thyme. They stand by my Lady's front door and we have had a lot of pleasure out of them. Thanks for sharing.

Claudia said...

I love your creative space - truth be told, at this time of year my garden is my primary creative space.

Yours is lovely. There's nothing better than gardening!

Unknown said...

Your photos are beautiful. I love your gardens.

Donna said...

Thank you for sharing your garden!!! I garden some, but mostly herbs!!!

Tammy said...

That was a fun tour and a "different" kind of creative space. I loved it! Thanks for sharing!

Karen Valentine said...

I'm so glad you joined the party this year! Gardening is definitely a creative endevour! I use pots to plant 85% of my garden because we have hard rocky soil in my part of the country. Have a lovely week Lya!

Creative Grammie said...

You've created a beautiful garden full of colors.
I've enjoyed this post; your photos of your garden is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

Renee said...

I know how it is gardening in our Georgia red clay. Love your gardening. That sounds like an interesting job writing and growing things.

Anonymous said...

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