Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Garden Blues

Inspired by 'Orchid Lady' Peggy Herrman, who posted another memorable picture on her Facebook profile this morning, I decided to go walking around my garden to photograph my "blues" (and related colors). Here they are:

This Baptisia's origins lie in the State Botanical Garden of Georgia. Purchased three years ago, it's never the first perennial to emerge in spring, but once it pops out of the ground its growth is very rapid. Last year, I collected many seeds. Most have been given away, but I saved some that have now become a dozen new plants that will grace my garden for, I hope, many years to come.

Cerinthe 'Pride of Gibraltar' - not precisely "blue", but gorgeous nevertheless. Grown from seeds from Renee's Garden.

This Columbine ('alpine blue') has been in my garden for just two and a half weeks and is already a favorite! It came from the sale, in Athens, of the UGA horticulture students.

In my garden, the pansies and violas continue to hang on, but for how much longer? The thyme is clearly here to stay!

The catmint, in a pot near my backdoor, is a mess every morning. Something clearly sleeps in it at night (what, I have no idea, but the indentation is always there); the chives are growing in a discarded tea kettle :-)

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