Saturday, June 26, 2010

Oh, no -- not another Koi Pond!

I am sick of koi ponds! At least four of the six gardens on today's Gwinnett County Master Gardener garden tour had them (the other two may also -- I did not go there; too far!).

There was a boring sameness about all four gardens. Not just the ponds, but also the plantings - Hellebores, Hydrangeas, Ferns, Japanese Maples. The only one deserving to be on a garden tour, for which people pay money to visit, was Shannon Pable's (small wonder - she is a professional garden designer). The Jones garden, next door, was nice, but in essence a small copy of the Pable garden (and unfinished) and the two on Lake Lanier had the lake as their best feature. There was nothing original or outstanding about them. In one of them the obligatory koi pond had these monsters in them -- three times the size of any koi I had seen before today.

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Unknown said...

I'm with you. If you have enough property to put in a Koi pond, you're feeding local racoons and other wildlife a very expensive diet. All about marketing and prestige.