Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Plants from Seeds

Growing plants from seeds is a relatively new experience for me. Until this year, I have mainly purchased what I wanted in my garden - at plant sales or at local nurseries - or been generously given by relatives, friends and colleagues.
From top to bottom, the California Poppy and Cat Mint seeds came from Renee's Garden, the Butterfly Weed seeds were purchased at a garden conference last January, from a local grower, and the Cilantro's seeds were collected in my garden last year.


Unknown said...

I have had very little success with plants from seeds, except for beans and a few herbs in my outdoor garden. I've tried so many seeds indoors and outdoors, but I have too much shade / too little sun to warm the soil.

You have too much sun, I too much shade. But we both have lovely and fruitful gardens.

Lya Sorano said...

That's all that matters, isn't it?

Happy gardening, wherever in the world you are.

Karen Platt said...

I love from growing from seed but then that's how I got into writing. I usually sow too much, but you can always give them to friends.