Sunday, May 23, 2010

"I Know I'm Supposed to Know . . "

Every gardener, I am certain, has these plant encounters -- in a nursery, a friend's garden or a public garden: "I know I am supposed to know what this is, but what is it?"

I had such a moment yesterday, in one of my favorite nurseries, where I had gone to buy a few more Blue Sages for one of my borders. I saw this small group of black plants, with tiny purple flowers and even though I knew I had seen it before and knew what it was . . ., I could not come up with a name!

This morning, taking them out of their 4" pots and placing them in bigger ones, I knew: Capsicum, pepper! But is it 'black pearl'? Probably. Regardless, it's a beautiful plant and I'm glad I bought 3 of them. Together with the Blue Sages and a few other plants, a flat of 18 was $14. Well worth it, wouldn't you say?