Sunday, April 12, 2009

Yard of the Month - Yes!

In my fifth year of gardening in the country - gardening anywhere, really! - recognition has come my way. In a sub-division of nearly 700 houses, it's very difficult to pick a winner (I know - I used to be on the committee) and I would, personally, have a hard time declaring my garden the "best" this April, but I must say that all those years of early morning tilling, amending, planting and nourishing are beginning to show results. This corner of my garden is an example of what can be done with an empty plot of land, where most homeowners would be happy with a field of turf. The original border I had dug stopped at the end of the railroad ties. Then, my neighbor enclosed her yard with a white fence - for me an invitation to add another border! Today, underneath the YoM sign is a clump of Iris beginning to reach for the sun. On the right is a Sedum, with a Daisy to its left and another Sedum above it. Right above the sign is a Nandina that has grown enormously in just two years, and to the left above it an unidentified shrub that reached my garden as a hitchhiker in a gallon pot that contained another shrub, a few years ago. I had no idea then what it was (still don't), but the 6-incher is now an 8-footer and a most welcome presence in my garden. It provides shelter to a 3-year old Sage; a third Sedum, to its left, completes this micro landscape.


Seasonal Wisdom said...

Congratulations! Nice to know all that hardwork paid off... right? Thanks for sharing.
Teresa at

Lya Sorano said...

Thank you, Teresa! So very true that gardening is "hard work". Many people think it's just s fun hobby, which of course in part it can be, but along with the rewards come plenty of aches and pains. Happy gardening to you in Idaho!