Saturday, April 25, 2009

Where did Spring go?

Last week, it was 71 degrees on Saturday and 67 (with rain) on Sunday. Yesterday, it got up to 87 degrees; today, with a bit of bad luck, it could make it up to 90 - not good at all!

On Earth Day (April 22), I bought a few plants at the Gwinnett Tech plant sale, including a Plactranthus variety I had never seen before, or even heard of. It was not labeled; one horticulture person told me it was "Australian", another said "Argentinian". Oh, well! I've pinched out two shoots and placed them in water, expecting them to root. The main plant is in a larger container on my patio. I'll take a picture and post it before long. Other plants from the sale - salvias and lavenders - await planting in my garden.

This morning, the Hoschton Farmers' Market kicked off its 2009 season and I bought a few plants there are well. If anyone local is reading this . . . . . I will pay up to $2 for a plant I like and am willing to go as "high" as $3 for a "must have" - beyond $3? Probably not, this year. On the way home, I stopped at the Braselton Antiques & Gardening Festival and did not buy a thing. The nearly identical geranium I had just bought in Hoschton for $3 (a very pretty pink!), was $6 in Braselton. Uh, no - thank you! I tried to find some Calibrachoa ("Million Bells"), but saw only hanging baskets of them, which did not interest me. One more stop: a local plant nursery. They had the perfect Calibrachoa: $1.49 each. I bought 3 of them.

Observation from this Master Gardener: the Hoschton Farmers' Market (every Saturday from 8:30 AM till noon or so) has plants for gardeners who want to grow stuff, the Braselton Antiques & Gardening Festival (an annual event) had plants for people who want to have a 'ready-made' garden, and the local nursery had a little of each. The $20 Tea Olive continues to play in my mind. If our temps go a bit down again - say, maybe low 70s - I may just go and get one!

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