Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Since she is mentioned in my profile, I thought I should introduce her to you. She came, via a pet store, from an animal shelter and at the time she and I decided we could have a relationship, I had no idea what her past had been like. I still don't, but I am certain it had not been a happy one. Thanks to a skirted sofa, she easily found a safe hiding place. A truck coming down the street, even the school bus, frightened her to no end. The lawn people were spotted three or four properties away and caused a dash to the sofa. The UPS and FedEx men were big disturbances in her life, the doorbell terrorized her, and nobody got to see her for a long, long time (friends may have doubted there even was a cat in the house!). Today, two years later, a lot of the fear has disappeared; the trucks no longer bother her, she has made friends with most of my children (especially the one who is allergic to cats) and some of my friends. She is very affectionate, gorgeous and I'm very glad she got me.

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