Monday, July 7, 2008

My 2008 Favorite Annual

A summer garden in Georgia is not complete without a Petunia, but this year I've got to say that the Angelonia is my favorite annual. I first saw Angelonias at Park Seed in South Carolina last year (spectacular beds of them!) and again at the UGA trial gardens last month. I probably should have bought more than one when I saw them at a local nursery a few weeks ago, but I limited myself to one - and here it is, flanked by a Lavender and a Chives, with several Petunias around it. Good color combination and thanks to a rainbarrel (from Karen Alexander's "Rain Drops" in Suwanee) everything is surviving nicely.


Mother Nature said...

Welcome to Blotanical, Lya.
I can see we have daylilies in common. Though I'm not one, you will find many wonderful garden wriiters here.

RURAL magazine said...

Love your blog, great shots, beautiful collection of flowers.

Garden State Kate said...

Lovely...your daylilies too.

cherry said...

Good morning so nice to have another Georgia gal here.

Angelonia is one of my new favorites also. I planted several different colors last year and loved them all. I only did purple this year and so wish I had done the white also oh well there is always next year

I have been taking cuttings from mine and just putting them straight in the dirt, they root very quickly.


Greg said...

I will try to remember to welcome an angelonia or two to the Midnight Garden next season--it's lovely!