Friday, July 4, 2008


Clearly worth the wait, the Chicago Knock-out I bought at the State Botanical Garden's plant sale last April, is the last Daylily to bloom in my 2008 garden. What a color! For next year, I'll have to rearrange some plants, including many Daylilies, and this one will receive a place of prominence. I can't wait for it to multiply and give me the opportunity to share it with other gardeners, including my daughters, who have become as impressed by Daylilies as I am. And imagine, four years ago I knew nothing about them, apart from the fact that the ugly tall blooms I saw in ditches all along North Georgia's roads and byways were called "Daylily". All it takes is a little education, a little research, a little encouragement (from the Butlers at Bloomin' Designs in Auburn) and lots of curiosity!


Jane O' said...

I see by your daylilies that you are a girl after my own heart. There's nothing quite like daylily season. This week will be peak, there are a few open but I'm expecting the big show soon! Can't wait.
I love your Chicago Knockout!

Greg said...

"Chicago is my kind of daylily, Chicago is..."