Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thriving after the drought of 2007

Now that April is approaching its mid point and the danger of a late frost is almost certainly gone, it’s been interesting to take stock of my garden and see what has not only survived last year’s drought, but is actually thriving.

The Daylilies and Bearded Irises have never looked better. The first two blooms in the latter group are about to burst open. Also doing well are my Gaura, Foxglove and an assortment of Daisies. The Yarrow is greening up nicely and there are Lupines popping up all over the place. All three varieties of Mint are providing beautiful green colors to my landscape and the Monarda is making itself known all over the place. My Phlox (Robert Poore, the best I’ve ever grown) looks strong and the Russian Sage and blue Salvia are coming along nicely. The Scabiosa has already sent up half a dozen buds, the Gaillardia is emerging from its winter sleep and the Lithodora has been in bloom since late February (a huge plant now, but only one survivor of the three originally installed in 2006). Still elusive this early in the season are my Joe Pye Weed, the purple and yellow Lantana, a Pineapple Sage that was gorgeous last October, and the Mexican Petunias. Patience, right?

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