Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Benefits of a web site – not to mention a blog!

Many growers, plant nursery owners and landscape professionals either do not have a web site at all or have one that is poorly put together and basically just “sits there”, without bringing any benefits to the site’s owner.

Lately, I have begun asking nursery owners about their web sites and what they’re getting out of them. This came to me from Patricia Dunleavy of Pinebush Nursery in Ila, Georgia:

“Our web site is geared towards educating the visitor, both about what our nursery has to offer and about landscape plants in general. Customer comments indicate that its nature and its general “feel” encourage them to come to our nursery to shop.”

That’s a tangible benefit!

Others, though, have told me they have no plans for having a web site, they are not “tech savvy”, they have a site but don’t have time to keep it updated, or they can’t afford a web site. Too bad, especially perhaps in the nursery business, where selling seasons are short, where “a picture is worth a thousand words” is so very true, and for which it should be a no-brainer that in an era of high gas prices customers check out web sites before they hop in their vehicles to go and buy an addition to their landscape.

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