Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poppies - not a good choice for North Georgia gardens?

Perhaps your Poppies are doing well and I suppose that could be because they are in a sheltered sunny place. Mine are getting ample sun, but "sheltered" is almost impossible to achieve in my garden. So, for that reason I wonder if they are, in general, a good choice for North Georgia gardens. It's windy in March in this place and sturdier plants may be a better option. It's hard to beat these colors, though!

So far only two are in bloom; when I bought a flat last fall, the grower told me they were "mixed colors". Now we'll soon see what the others look like!


A Kadir Bek├ži said...
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Jean Campbell said...

You have Iceland poppies. I always think of them as 'citrus shades' in orange, lemon, grapefruit and tangerine. They do very well in a cool spring, but hot weather takes them out. In a COOL sheltered spot they might even make it to fall.

Some of my somniferum poppies have big buds. I can hardly wait! California poppies are already making a show.

Alice said...

Your poppies look so bright and sunny! My poppies are still recovering from the snow here in Michigan. We won't see flowers on them for several months.

Lya Sorano said...

Thank you for your comments! My Iceland Poppies are still blooming like crazy and the California variety has just started. Post will follow in a minute!