Thursday, October 28, 2010

For My Northern Friends . . .

. . . in England and Upstate New York.

Just after we ended our conversation about gardeners and Social Media, Silvia and Karen, I went outside to cut some lettuce and pull tomatoes off the vine for this evening's salad. Aaah - the joys of fresh produce in late October!

The lettuce is a mix of 'Garden Babies' and 'Monet's Garden Mesclun', both from Renee's Garden. The tomatoes are 'Red Currant', off a give-away plant from the State Botanical Garden in Athens.

The lettuce is just about finished, but there are still hundreds of little green tomatoes on the vine; I don't think they'll ripen before the first frost. This is the tomato to try again next year!

Oh, I did dress it before I ate it! Added salt, pepper, half an avocado and a few croutons and then two teaspoons of a dressing made of a mix of 2 T. EVOO, 1 T. balsamic vinegar and 1 t. Dijon mustard - yummy!


TheGardenCloche said...

That salad looks so good and fresh. I'm jealous of your lettuce. I'm growing some right now but it's not quite ready. I saw your lettuce in the pot and it looks great. Nice job.

Jeff | The Best Plant Covers

Unknown said...
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Lya Sorano said...

Thanks, Jeff. The lettuce is not doing so well any more -- too many rabbits in the neighborhood. Oh, well, they have to eat also!