Friday, July 2, 2010

To-may-to, To-mah-to . . .?

Every autumn since 2006 I have said to myself: "Next year, I am not going to grow tomatoes". Then the winter catalogs arrive and I am once again seduced. This year, though, I've got it figured out. I will continue to grow tomatoes, but only small ones!
Top: Red Currant. I pick a handful every day now and toss them in a salad. Delicious flavor; this tomato deserves its name.
Center: Micro Tom. Only three harvested so far; I have not yet tasted them.
Bottom: Red Robin. None picked yet.
I also have "Early Wonder" in my garden (nothing early about it, in comparison to the three noted small ones), "Black from Tula", which has developed blossom rot, and "Black Krim", which has so far produced, in addition to some "green golf balls", one fist-size fruit that is still green (and creased) on top and already dark red at the bottom. For the past few days I have wondered: "Should I pick it or leave it on the vine longer". It's still on the vine.

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