Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Obedient Plant

Acquired last May at the Master Gardener plant sale in Dahlonega, I really had no idea what to expect from this "Obedient Plant" (so named, I have been told, because if you bend its stems, they will remain bent, rather then straightening themselves out again [or breaking] - I have not tried it!). My plant now has three large spikes with these lovely lavender flowers, and many more "baby spikes" below, on each of the stems. It grows in a border with Salvias.


~CC Catherine said...

Hi Lya! The Obedient plant is one of my favorites. I ran into this beauty about ten years ago, gave my mother a cutting and each time I move, I'm tempted to start it again. It's not yet migrated to my garden here in GA from hers in PA. :) This is a lovely pic of the specimen! :) ~Catherine

Helen said...

Hi, Lya, I did a post on obedient plant a while back, with some pictures that might help you see what bends so obediently. Have a look:

Best of luck the Blotanical awards -- congratulations on being a finalist.

Helen said...

Oops, I missed a "with" in my last comment.

Lya Sorano said...

Thank you, Helen!

I did take a look at the pix on your blog - gorgeous!

My garden is now clearly beginning to show signs of Autumn. The most profuse bloomers are the Pineapple Sage and the Swamp Sunflower. A Japanese Aster is still holding on and the Georgia Aster is full of buds, but no blooms yet.