Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bearded Iris (2)

What did I tell you? Here are the pink ones in bloom also. Absolutely gorgeous blooms and were wide open when I walked into my garden this morning. Now we will have the blue ones to burst open. They were showing color this morning, but were otherwise still completely folded up. Chances are that with this evening's rain, they will be open tomorrow also. So, come back and take another look soon!
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~CC Catherine said...

Oh my, if this is Beverly Sills, I must buy one! Another Totally over the top fantastic bearded Iris Lya! Love it! ~CC Catherine

Lya Sorano said...

I'm pretty sure I got this one from The Potting Shed in Flowery Branch (I think all my Bearded Irises came from there). I bet Elaine's collection is spectacular (maybe already past its prime for the year), but I have not been out that way for weeks. Have you been there, or driven by?