Saturday, January 3, 2009

Signs of Life

One of the nicest things about January is that February is not far behind and signs of life in my garden will then soon start appearing. Well, there are such signs already, on the third of January! As I was outside this morning, clearing a bunch of gourds, some ears of Indian corn and a bright orange (plastic!) pumpkin out of the old bird bath, and putting some pansies in it, with a plume of some ground cover or other, I noticed "the little cabbages" in a pot on the patio. Last summer, this big sedum, topped by bright pink flowers, was a hit with bumblebees and butterflies. All indications are there will be plenty of flowers to attract them again this year. I will, of course, have to take this plant out of its pot and divide it. Having started with 3 tiny sedums in 2004, and having added another one (this one - different foliage and much different color) in 2006, my 2008 garden held about a dozen of them. It'll be fun to see them all emerge again in a few months.

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