Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another 2008 Favorite!

This is a Plectranthus, isn't it?
P. ecklonii 'Tommy', to be precise.
Please, anyone who reads this, correct me, if this is wrong. I bought three of them early in the year, and they were simply marked "sun annual" - oh, well! Apart from the Angelonia (see an earlier post), nothing has bloomed as long in my garden as these no longer small "annuals". I am taking cuttings for next year (doing well), just to be sure I'll have some again in 2009, but now understand it's a plant that will come back in the garden year after year, as long as the winters aren't too severe. Who knows? For now, at least, it's a wonderful focal point in my garden and continues to attract butterflies and hummingbirds.


a girl named s.e.w. said...

Hi Lya,

I came across your website today as I was searching for gardening blogs for a pitch we are doing with WaterSmart and Walter Reeves, and saw your name. I worked for Julie Childs for over 7 years and believe I recognize your name as being one of her friends. I read your post on Sarah Palin on the Atlanta Biz Women site - I enjoyed that a lot! I was not aware that you did PR. I now work at MS&L in midtown and have been here about 18 months. I love PR - I wish I could have brought Julie into a new field, but she seems to like the law! :)

I thought I would say "hello!" I have just started my own blog and hope to get more posts going in the next few weeks. Agency work tends to keep me busy, as does my role on the DeKalb Junior League's PR committee.

Sarah Woodward

Peggy Parks said...

Small world! I was reading your blog when I saw Sarah's comment.
I met her almost 3 years ago when my husband and I had our prenuptial agreements and wills drafted by Julie Childs!
Atlanta sure is a small town!


Lya Sorano said...

Sarah, I remember you! Great to see you blogging also!

Peggy, who are you? I could not access your blog/profile. "Small town" is so true; how in the world is that possible with a population of 4 million?

It seems that "all roads lead to Julie Childs". Hmmmmm, I'll have to find out if she blogs also!

Thanks to you both for your comments.